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Xfest 2015 Performances


Presented by Arts & Issues and Xfest:

The Queue - SOLD OUT!

Lucky Plush

Lucky Plush Productions
Wednesday, September 23, 7:30 p.m. 
Dunham Hall Theatre

Equal parts dance and theater, The Queue unfolds in a fictional airport, where travelers stumble humorously, tragically and awkwardly into each others’ private lives. Created by Lucky Plush founder/director Julia Rhodes and collaborator Leslie Danzig, The Queue finds its influences in early 20th-century forms of slapstick, vaudeville, Busby Berkeley-style choreography, creaky one-act plays and a 1746 farcical play about a family inheritance. These sources and performance vocabularies collide with contemporary dance and the distinctly non-theatrical context of waiting to create a dance-theater production, showcasing Lucky Plush’s signature blend of immediacy, humor and kineticism.


Critical Praise for Lucky Plush Productions

“Like the elegant and refined physical humor of Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times … the movement ticks along nonstop with perfect alignment and rhythm, ravishingly self-aware and just a little coy. It's also very funny, and very surreal.”

- Chicago Reader

 “Any attempt to truly merge dance and theater at the highest level of both dancing and acting, choreography and stage direction, is an ambitious goal that Lucky Plush is moving toward with bold and creative strides.”

- SeeChicagoDance

“Slapstick turns elegant, and the tango transforms into a thrilling exercise in orchestrated airborne chaos.”

- Chicago Tribune


The Residents of Craigslist - SOLD OUT!

Equally Represented Theater

Equally Represented Arts
St. Louis
Thursday, September 24, 7:30 p.m.
Metcalf Theater

The Residents of Craigslist is a one-act theatrical work that realizes the classified advertisements website Craigslist as a full yet lonely house containing a myriad of people – its residents.

The Residents of Craigslist is recommended for ages 16-adult. Explicit language.


Critical Praise for Equally Represented Arts

“…a brilliant, funny, pathetic, lively little theater piece.”


“…this quirky play, sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad and sometimes raunchy, is worth checking out.”


“From comedy to despair, optimism to anger, this ensemble manages to bring the “world” of Craigslist to crazy, chaotic life. ERA has taken a risk that has paid off in an undeniably entertaining, off-the-wall piece.”



The Middle of Everywhere - SOLD OUT! 





Friday, September 25, 7:30 p.m.
Metcalf Theater

What do you get when you mash together Pixar, Maurice Sendak and Doctor Who? A time and space bending adventure by mask imagineers the WONDERHEADS, that’s what.  When two unlikely strangers discover a mysterious device at a bus stop, they are whisked away on a cosmic journey through time and space…but will they claim their place in the universe and find their way home?  The Middle of Everywhere is performed in full-face mask, a form so magical it will delight the child in you, whether you’re eight or eighty. Wordless and whimsical, it has been described by audiences as watching a living cartoon, or live-action Pixar.

The Middle of Everywhere is recommended for ages 5 – adult.


Critical Praise for Wonderheads

“A captivating, wordless journey of physical theatre.”


“Whether you’re a parent with a school-age child or just a grown-up who needs reminding that the universe is awesome, you’ll be delighted by Wonderheads.”

- Winnipeg Free Press

“The Middle of Everywhere is about connections within the chaos, it’s about letting go, it’s about determinism and escape and seeing the ordinary through new eyes.”

– Edmonton Journal


Roy G Biv: A Story Through the Eyes of a Rock Icon (an excerpt)


R. Ernie Silva

R. Ernie Silva
Los Angelos

Produced by Jose Esquea at TTO Entertainment in association with Lifechild Productions

Sponsored by the SIUE Visiting Artist Initiative

Saturday, September 26, 7:30 p.m.
Dunham Hall Theater

In the world of music no figure became a greater symbol of the time than the West Coast boy from Seattle. The immortal lefty, the American Rock Icon, that in the midst of the British invasion somehow managed to climb the top of the rock and roll mountain seemingly coming out of nowhere and then in a flash, just like a comet in the night, was gone….But what did it all mean, how did his life and time manage to cross so many roads at once, and leave us wanting for more? In this astonishing look at the life of a rock icon, R. Ernie Silva’s brilliant performance as the most prolific rock guitarist of all time, takes us to a space and time,ethereal and eternal, where all of the rock icon's choices will be examined under the colors life, light and the rainbow accompanied by the iconic electric rock, blues and revolutionary music that was the soundtrack of the times.


Critical Praise for R. Ernie Silva

“Hilarious and poignant, musical but modest; simply sublime to watch, I could’t take my eyes off him.”

- Three Weeks

“That is what we most ask of theater: to remind of us our personal mythologies, to ask us to keep in mind that while the form of our struggles is particular, the essence -- that we all struggle and suffer or struggle and rise -- is a shared experience.”

- Huff Post Entertainment

“An inspirational tale of success against the odds…our hero’s sheer energy and charisma keep you transfixed.”

- News Shopper


Xfest is made possible through the generous support of the Office of the Provost, College of Arts & Sciences, the Department of Theater and Dance and audiences like you. 

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